Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Our Dog Waste Removal Service

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What is SCOOPERS' service area?

While we are locally headquartered in Oswego, IL, we also service many of the surrounding cities such as: Yorkville, Montgomery, Aurora, Naperville, Plainfield, and Plano. There may be an additional commute charge of $5 to $10 for locations on the edge of our service area.

Do I have to sign a contract?

Our services require NO CONTRACT and service can be cancelled at any time. SCOOPERS endeavors to serve with excellence and provide the best possible service to our customers. If you are not completely satisfied with your service, please contact us so that we can rectify any problems to restore your satisfaction immediately.

How do I start my service with SCOOPERS?

Click “Sign Up Now” or call us at (844) 997-2667!

Is there an extra charge for the initial cleaning?

Initial Cleanups start at just $35. This covers the first 30 minutes of cleanup time. After the first 30 minutes, the rate is $1 per minute.

Do I have to be home when my yard is serviced?

No! Designed for your convenience, our staff only needs access to the yard being serviced. *For first time customers, we request that you be present and available for the initial cleaning only.*

Is there an extra charge for "bigger" dogs?

Our rates are exactly the same no matter the size or breed of the dog. We keep it simple and fair for every dog owner.

Is SCOOPERS a locally owned and operated business?

YES! We are a locally owned and family operated business with a focus on 100% customer satisfaction. Our goal is to provide quality, professional service at very affordable pricing, to ensure that every dog owner has the opportunity to use our dog waste removal services. We aim to maintain a professional image with high standards, but our emphasis is on exceeding the expectations of our local customers. We appreciate ALL of our loyal customers!

Do you offer any discounts?

FREE Initial Cleanup when you prepay for your first 6 months of service ✓ Get 5% OFF when you pre-pay for 6 months ✓ Get 10% OFF when you pre-pay for 12 months 10% OFF for active military and veterans 10% OFF for all seniors over 65 *Promotions and/or discounts cannot be combined.*

How and when is payment collected?

Our billing is done on a “pre-pay” monthly basis with all payments due on the 1st of each month. This covers your service for the entire month. If you are starting service in the middle of the month, you are billed for the Initial Cleanup and the number of remaining service visits. Your credit card or bank account will be automatically charged on the 1st of every month for your service. We use QuickBooks Payments to ensure that your personal information is processed safely and securely. If you need to pause or stop service, just give us 48 hours notice before the 1st of the month, and we will cancel the automatic payment. At SCOOPERS, our “No Contracts” policy ensures that you have the flexibility to stop service when you need to. There are NO cancellation fees of any kind. If you have any further questions regarding our billing method, please give us a call at (844) 997-2667.

What happens if it rains or snows?

We operate rain or shine, and collect dog waste all year-round! However, there may be situations where we must postpone yard cleanings. If we are unable to service your yard due to thunderstorms, unsafe outside temperatures, snow accumulation, or any other reason related to extreme weather conditions, we will attempt to complete the cleanup over the next few days. In some cases, we may be forced to wait until your next service date. You will still be charged the same rate, as we will have twice as much dog waste to cleanup. During the Winter, if snow accumulation surpasses 1 inch on your service date, we will wait until your following service date to clean the yard. If snow accumulation does not decrease by your next service date, we will clean all dog waste that is visible. We cannot assure to get all dog waste removed while snow is on the ground, but we GUARANTEE to remove it ALL once the snow completely melts.

Can my dog(s) be in the yard while SCOOPERS is servicing it?

It’s your decision! We love dogs, and our service techs are trained to identify friendly or aggressive dog behavior. However, if your dog displays aggressive behavior that prevents us from cleaning up the yard, an additional service charge may apply. If you feel your dog will not prevent us from servicing the yard, then we’d be more than happy to have their company!

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